Save On Energy

saveFind out how Mydan Services can help you save up to 50% on your energy consumption
Mydan Services will professionally retrofit your current building’s lighting to make it more energy-efficient. Learn more about the Save On Energy program here.

About the Save On Energy Retrofit Program:

  • Retrofitting your building to have high-efficiency lighting is an incentive recommended and subsidized by the Ontario Government
  • This is an easy transition fully taken care of by Mydan Services Inc.
  • Mydan Services will do all the necessary paperwork and applications through the government, leaving you nothing to worry about
  • We will take care of improving your lighting to make it more energy-efficient
  •  Mydan Services uses only Energy Star certified and CSA-approved equipment
  • Your retrofit lighting installation will be done by our professional and certified crew
  • Your new retrofit lighting will work with all standard utilities (i.e. Toronto Hydro or PowerStream)

Benefits of the Save On Energy Retrofit Program:

  • Upgrading your lighting can help you save up to 50% on energy consumption
  • The Save On Energy program will improve the lighting quality of your commercial or industrial space
  • Your new high-efficiency lighting will come with instant on/off features
  • With your new energy-efficient lighting, there will be no warming of the lights and no need to wait for the fixtures to cool
  • Motion detection features can be installed to turn the lights on/off in different areas of the building
  • The new lighting system will improve visibility, productivity, and reduce errors in production
  • Receive the highest-quality service from our fully licensed Electrical Contractor (License #7007439)

Don’t wait! Take advantage of this limited offer and get a FREE estimate from Mydan Services Inc. to retrofit your lighting and help you save on energy, worry-free!

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